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... to FishBait Marketing, your headquarters for exciting opportunities in collegiate sports and more!

FishBait Marketing, LLC represents the stars of collegiate athletics, coaches, and Hall of Famers, as the marketing and promotions representative for their respective professional associations.

Through these associations, the FishBait Marketing crew works to create and implement valued sponsorship programs which expose brands to millions of passionate and loyal sports fans culminating around some of college athletics’ most exciting events. 

FishBait is proud to be part of the NCAA®'s celebration of the Men's Final Four in 2013.  As part of the acknowledgment of 75 years of basketball greatness, the NABC and NCAA have commissioned renowned sports artist, Opie Otterstad to create an original piece of art for each championship dating back to 1939.  The original pieces are hosted on a 10-day online auction and 250 limited edition prints are for sale of each piece.  Check out how you can own an original or limited edition print today at


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