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Infiniti utilized their corporate sponsorships of the NCAA® and NABC to create a fully integrated marketing program to drive sales and engage fans. NCAA Men’s Basketball, unlike any other sport, represents an opportunity for Infiniti to reach their target audience and stand out amongst other luxury automotive brands.


Infiniti needed a unique marketing platform to reach the luxury audience of college basketball alumni and fans to drive sales. Infiniti partnered with the NABC and their media partners to create a cause marketing platform centered around NCAA college basketball coaches. FishBait Marketing in conjunction with Infiniti developed the Infiniti Coaches Charity Challenge, an 8 week tournament-style bracket during the regular season using 48 coaches, charities and universities to engage fans and coaches in a spirited competition to raise money for charity. FishBait Marketing coordinated the coaches for filming commercials and distributed the marketing materials used to promote the program to schools and charities. The program was publicized through Infiniti’s media partners and via social media.

FishBait Role

FishBait was tasked with reaching out to the participating coaches to schedule filming for promotional PSAs and worked with their respective athletic departments to promote the Challenge to students and fans. Additionally, FishBait worked with the various charities involved to maximize their involvement and promotion of the program.


Infiniti’s media impressions surpassed expectations and sales of their new vehicle jumped to third in their segment. The NABC was able to add value to an NCAA corporate sponsor while assisting coaches’ and their schools to raise over $1 million for select charities.

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