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by Rick Jones

In 1963, the late great singer Sam Cooke wrote and recorded “A Change is Gonna Come,” a song that became the anthem for the Civil Rights movement in America. And, yes, in every facet of life, change is going to come.

I once watched an interview of a one hundred-year-old man on his birthday. The young reporter asked the man if he had seen any changes in his lifetime, and he said, “Yes, I have, and I was against every one of them.” Pretty funny. But also pretty pointless.
The truth is, you can fight it, embrace it, or lead it. That’s it.

Put another way—there are three types of people in the world: those who make things happen, watch things happen, or say, “What happened?”

I choose to make things happen. I choose to change before change changes me. How about you? 

As all of you know, we recently suffered a great tragedy here in Charleston, but good things have come from it. The old confederate battle flag, a symbol of repression and hatred for many, has finally been removed from the South Carolina state house. This is positive change and I commend our governor and other leaders for making it happen. I’m also proud of the way decent people in our state rallied in support of the victims, their families, and their church. Coach John Wooden said it best, “Things turn out best for those who make the best of the way things turn out.”

This past spring also has been a season of change at FishBait Marketing. After 11 years of representing both the NABC and WBCA, we lost the account to another agency. Change can be hurtful if you let it, or you can embrace the change to make you even better. Of course, you hate to ever lose business, but sometimes things simply run their course. We ran a great race for the coaches we represented but that race is over for us. It’s now on to other things. As Satchell Page said, “Don’t look back. Someone might be gaining on you.”

Much of the previous is from my new book ANALOG ADVICE IN A DIGITAL WORLD published by Advantage Media Group. Pick up a copy here!

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